If Music Be the Food of Love…

Or the food of inspiration…

I have a present for you, darlings.

I’m the kind of author that has to listen to music while I write. It can be music with words, or instrumental, but it usually involves headphones and it has to be tailored to what I’m writing. For every project I work on, I have a separate playlist. It helps bring me into the right mindset, and focuses my attention on the feel of the project.

I thought, just maybe, you’d like a glimpse of what I’m listening to for Lysistrata. So I compiled a Spotify playlist with most of the music I queue up. It’s missing a few, mostly because I couldn’t track them down. I’ll keep trying, and if I’m successful there will be a few new songs added. But it’s a done as it can get unless I have a search algorithm breakthrough, or the artist posts their music, so here you go!

And after you listen, tell me what you think!

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  1. Oh sweet! I need to give this a listen!

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