Sunburned, that is. 

I will never trust my husband to apply spray suncreen to my back ever again.  My very first day on the beach last week, and I had a beautiful red and white zig-zag pattern between my shoulder blades. That’s talent, I tell you.  Painful talent. 


At least the view was beautiful. 


My first day there, the weather was gorgeous. It wasn’t too hot. There were some clouds and just enough of a breeze.  I declared that I wanted a job that would allow me to do this the rest of my life.  I brainstormed ways I could write on the beach without ruining my laptop. 

Beach Sunset

So pretty. 

The next few days, however, the wind increased. It was constant, and it was no longer a slight breeze.  It kicked up sand, and the sand got in everything.  EV-ER-Y-THING.  My beach bag was mesh, and the sand just blew right through into my bag. Every day I’d get back to the house and have to shake everything out and rinse the bag. Suddenly that “bring my laptop down to the beach” idea went from being “ill-advised” to “HAH!”.  

I did, however, get a few scenes worked out in my head. I also got a surprise when I did write, and a scene went completely differently than I’d originally planned. 

I both love and hate it when that happens. 

Now I’m home again. We’re starting the kids on their “prepping to go back to school” routine, which generally includes less screen time and more projects.  I’m prepping to wrap up my semester, with two papers and a presentation. And, of course, writing. 

Back to the grind. 

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