Uncaged: Goddesses Won an ENNIE!

Actually, it won TWO ENNIES! Silver for Best Cover Art and GOLD for Best Adventure! I had the joy of editing several adventures in this amazing anthology and I’m so thrilled to see it get such wonderful attention! Thank you to everyone who voted!

Interview: JordanCon 2022

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Thom DeSimone for JordanCon 2022 pre-con interviews. We talked all about writing, TTRPG design, research, and my favorite romanceable NPCs! Give it a watch/listen!

Interview: All Bark No Dice

I recently interviewed with Dan on the All Bark No Dice podcast. We talked about my TTRPG work, my novel, writing, and gaming in general. Give it a listen!

Weaver’s Folly – BACK IN PRINT!

I’m excited to announce that WEAVER’S FOLLY, my cyberpunky urban fantasy, has a new home (and a gorgeous new cover!) with Falstaff Books! Ebooks are currently up for preorder, and print versions will be available on February 11th. For those curious: Yes, there will be more books! I am in the process of writing the…

Candlekeep Mysteries!

**Announcement Time!**Wizards of the Coast announced their next book, and I am THRILLED to be part of this wonderful project! It’s been a dream come true and I was over the moon to be invited to contribute! You can read more about it by following this link–and find out the full list of authors–but here’s…

Happy 2021!

2020 was a disaster year in so many ways, and I certainly am happy to join the chorus of people who can’t wait to put it behind us and move forward to better things. We’re all ready for life to go back to normal, to be able to visit with friends and family again. And…

JordanCon — CANCELED

Unfortunately, due the the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, the wonderful staff at JordanCon had to make the difficult decision to cancel the con. You can read the letter from the con chair here. We’re all disappointed, obviously, but this is the right choice to keep everyone safe and healthy. Keep an eye on their social media…

AtomaCon Schedule (11/22-11/24)

AtomaCon is a regional SciFi/Fantasy convention in Charleston, SC, November 22-24. There are going to be some really great guests this year (including Faith Hunter and Myke Cole). If you’re coming and want to know where to find me, here’s my schedule: Friday, 11/22 6PM – Writing Workshop #1: PoV. (Other panelists: Jess Elliott Jordan)…

The Haunting of Grimtallow Manor Adventure Now Available

I’m trying my hand at DM’s Guild, and I’ve published my first title! The Haunting of Grimtallow Manor is a one-shot adventure for characters of 4th to 6th level, and features a haunted house, a tragic tale, and a terrifying secret in the basement. Also, if the characters play their hands right, they can come…

The Burnished Grove: Rava’s Clockwork Forest

Want a delicious and strange location for your 5th edition D&D campaign? My newest contribution to Kobold Press’s Warlock booklet is available now (along with other clockwork goodies for your game)! Head to the Kobold Press Store to snag the PDF.