Happy 2021!

2020 was a disaster year in so many ways, and I certainly am happy to join the chorus of people who can’t wait to put it behind us and move forward to better things. We’re all ready for life to go back to normal, to be able to visit with friends and family again. And go to cons! And restaurants! And Starbucks! I miss writing at Starbucks!

But I also did some pretty cool things in 2020, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the year brought with it some fun new opportunities for me! I enjoyed more writing for TTRPGs, both with some familiar companies and with some new faces! Some of them I can’t talk about yet, but a bunch of them are already on shelves! Below (in no particular order) are a few of the things I’m proud of!

Want a school of magic for 5E D&D that plays with the concept of the in-between spaces? Liminal Magic does just that!
Beneath the Witchwillow is an adventure for 5E D&D that combines a twisted fairy tale, a mystery, and a story of star-crossed lovers!
I started my journey with Cubicle 7 with a one-page adventure in their Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Starter Set!
The Warlock Grimoire II is the second compilation of Kobold Press’s Warlock Patreon. It’s a wonderful resource!

Here’s to better health, bluer skies, and even bigger things in 2021!

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