So I spent most of last week moving into our new house — which is beautiful, by the way!  I’m thrilled to be starting a new phase of my life with my family, and having more space to spread out. And a library! We have a library!

Well, technically it’s a “formal living room,” but who uses those anymore? So we’re making it a library/computer room. It’s going to be awesome.

There’s a pool and a lake in my new neighborhood. And bunnies! The bunnies are so cute. Until, I’m sure, I want to plant a veggie garden. Then they probably won’t be so cute.

And there are boxes. So. Many. Boxes.

So, like any good wife, three days after we moved into our new house, I left my husband and two lovely sons to fend for themselves, and I joined a good friend of mine in a cabin in the mountains for a writers retreat.


So pretty.

I enjoyed beautiful mountain views, a hot tub, and plenty of time to work on Lysistrata. The result was the addition of several scenes I hadn’t planned, which is always fun. It also helped to get me back into the swing of writing after moving derailed things for a bit.  Unfortunately, I was on a pretty good roll when a crazy storm came through and encouraged me to go home before it got dark.

 retreat rain

There are mountains over there, I swear!

More writing today, though. It’s rainy outside, and I’m going to sit on my new couch in my new living room and look out my new window at my new back yard, and add some words to this project.

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