I’m doing that thing where I have so many things to write that I sit here at my desk and stare at all the blank documents open in front of me and get nothing done. I click between them, and stare at one, and think maybe I should go work on that other thing first. Then I get to that other thing, stare at it, and think “No, this third thing needs my attention more”. Lather, rinse, repeat, and and now it’s been an hour and nothing’s gotten done.

I know, I know. Prioritize, work the list, stay on task.

So much easier said than done!

Okay, okay, fine. I’m going. /grumbles


…what do you do when you have an over- full to-do list? I guess “Ignore it all and go paint your nails” is probably not a good option, huh?

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  1. I find doing a word dump to be very useful. Just start typing whatever is on your mind, see if it comes back to what you’re supposed to be working on? It depends on what you’re writing, would watching a documentary on the topic on Netflix be useful to stir up ideas?

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