The Great Blog Tour! – My Writing Process

Hello Gentle Readers!  Today, something a bit different!


One of my fellow writer friends, Christina Nelson (that I met at the Atlanta Writers Conference in 2012), asked me to take part in a blog tour!  I happily accepted, and then OMIGOODNESS LIFE WENT CRAZY!  Finals week happened, and the Writers Conference, and my darling husband was in Belgium for a WHOLE MONTH for work. But hey, at least he brought me a mug!


Alas, that meant that the blog tour kept getting pushed to the bottom of the priorities list, but here it is, in all its glory!

Question One: What am I working on?

I’m currently working on Lysistrata, my urban fantasy/cyberpunk novel, rather frantically.  Since the Atlanta Writers Conference I’m trying to get it tied up and worked into something worth querying an agent over, and before too much time passes and they all forget how awesome I was when they met me at the conference.  What had previously been a September 1st deadline is now an ASAP OMG deadline. 

Question Two: How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, it has a lot of familiar elements of Urban Fantasy, and I like to picture it nestled happily between Kim Harrison’s Hollow’s series and Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files. I feel like the near-future cyberpunk elements set it off from the others that I’ve read, and add a fun twist to it. Technology is so cool, and it’s even cooler when you mix it up with magic and elves. 

Question Three: Why do I write what I do?

Basically?  Because I love it.  People say “write what you know,” but I prefer the less-espoused “write what you love.”  I don’t know elves and high-tech data thievery first hand, but I sure would love to read about it. And this genre has just always been so much fun for me to read that I had to write it. 

Question Four: How does your writing process work?

To be honest, my “from scratch” writing process is changing and becoming more methodical as I get more experienced. I still like to write on the fly (I don’t heavily outline) but I do put together character sketches and a general notecard/bulletpoint outline of the major events, just so I can see where I’m going before I even get started. Sometimes the characters rebel and decide to take things in a different direction, but that’s just the way these things work.  After I character sketch and outline, I either start with the beginning (shocker!) or I start with the scene that’s eating at me, that scene that I can see so perfectly it’s just screaming to be put onto paper. Then I go from there. Sometimes I end up agonizing at the end, trying to connect together two really amazing scenes, but I find that I end up in interesting places when I tell my characters they have to start at Point A and get to Point B, but can go through Points O, W, and 3.14 to get there. 

I was supposed to link to other bloggers/writers now, but I’m a terrible person and broke the chain.  Please forgive me!

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