With Bated Breath

So. Much. Waiting.

Patience is the name of the game in this industry, I guess.  I’ve recently submitted a query letter, a 4 page synopsis, and the first 15 pages of Lysistrata for the Atlanta Writers Conference in May. There’s nothing else for me to do on that front now except wait. And work on my manuscript. And wait some more.

I also submitted the first 50 pages to the Simon451 student contest they were running at the beginning of March.  So far, I haven’t gotten a rejection email, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not sending those out due to high volume of submissions.  It’s not every day one of the Big Five has an open submission — or a contest for that matter.  April 15th is when they announce the 10 finalists for the contest…not expecting much (as I’m sure there were tons of amazing manuscripts submitted) but I’m also trying not to be too pessimistic.  There’s a middle ground in there, right?  Confident but realistic? Hopeful but grounded?  Either way, again with the waiting.

I should really work on a short story some time soon. Those are so much easier to get picked up for publication. Don’t want too big of a lapse between credits…

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